NOLLER/SYLLA is a New York City based band that brings together traditional West African rhythms and contemporary jazz to create an exciting and accessible mix of pulsing grooves and soaring melodies. Co-led by American jazz drummer Jeremy Noller and Guinean percussionist Mangue Sylla, the group performs high energy arrangements of traditional African songs as well as original compositions inspired by West Africa’s vast musical heritage. Having met in 2006, the two have worked together in a variety of musical settings, and collaborated on Noller’s 2010 album Music Notes. Their current group features an ensemble of some of New York’s top jazz musicians, with Noller on drum set, and Sylla on djembe and sangban. Propelled by Sylla’s electrifying virtuosity and guided by Noller’s unique adaptations of West African rhythm and melody, NOLLER/SYLLA is a one of a kind musical experience.

NOLLER/SYLLA EP available now!

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